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How to start-up your own business as a Virtual Medical Secretary

Step-by-step guide on setting up a Virtual Medical Secretary business

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Have you dreamed about starting your own Virtual Medical Secretary business, but you don't know where to start? 

Is life busy and you don't know how to start planning and moving things forward? 

Not sure if you are qualified and/or experienced enough? 

What will the start-up costs be? 

Is networking giving you the fear, especially in the current climate? 

Are you struggling to find relevant courses that can help you start-up?

Well, look and worry no more!

Introducing my exclusive, one-of-a-kind, e-learning course 'How to start-up your own business as a Virtual Medical Secretary'!

This course gives you all of the information that you need to start-up your own Virtual Medical Secretary business! 

What you will get?

Information and guidance on how to set up your own Virtual Medical Secretary Business

Templates: Contract and Data Privacy Policy 

Profile Document 

Client onboarding 

Free Bonus modules

Free printable worksheets to help you plan your business

Free downloadable videos

A list of recommendations with special discounts

Complementary appointment with financial advisor

More about me

I am an AMSPAR medical secretary with over 17 years experience. 

This is the only e-learning course that tells you how to set up a virtual assistant business with a medical secretary niche

I have 5 years experience in running my own medical secretary business
I have experience in training individuals & a team to be medical secretaries


After each module there are action steps to take like goal setting, planning and research

Printable PDF worksheets 

Template contract and data privacy policy

Support via private Facebook group

After this course

You will have all of the information you need to start your own Virtual Medical Secretary business!

You will start your business plan and set business goals 

Have the contract and data privacy policy set up for your clients

Amendable templates to help your business

Be empowered to launch and start your own business!

How will the course help you?

It will help and guide you on where to get the right information and resources to start your business.
It will tell you exactly where and when to start planning your business as well as giving you the templates and contract documents you will need.

Is it worth the money?

It is worth every penny! There is a wealth of information in the course that tells you everything you need to know to set up your business.

Do I know how you are feeling?

Yes, I do know how you are feeling! I have been there.
I have been overwhelmed and not known where to start.
I have sat worrying about not knowing enough about the different practice management systems.
I searched for a course like this and could not find it!
I designed this course using everything I learned when setting up my own business!

Setting up your own business does not happen overnight.
This will start you on your journey to become a business owner.
It will help and guide you through the steps you need to take.
The rest needs to come from you!

I know exactly how you feel and what thoughts are going through your mind.
When I first started out I felt daunted, afraid and overwhelmed.
This course has been created with all of that in mind. It is almost like I have created it to help my past self!

I want you to succeed, and this course has been created as an easy step-by-step guide to help you succeed!

Course Summary

Everything you need to know to start up as a Virtual Medical Secretary, from what systems you need, how to brand your business, what insurance you need and much more. This course has it all!

Course Curriculum

Helen English

As an experienced medical secretary with a passion for training and creating e-learning courses I am excited to help people with my knowledge and experience.

Deb O

Medical secretary

In a nutshell, a well thought out course which is presented in a friendly, enthusiastic and motivating way. This course is clear and simple and is broken into nice size chunks which are easy to navigate. This course will help others tremendously set out to become Virtual Medical Secretaries. Seriously, who wouldn't want to do this course!

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